About Us

About Us

A 10 Years Reputation in the Making

Ameritech Tires Inc. is a family owned and operated Tire-Shop serving our local community and surrounding areas for over 10years. Our qualifie technicians are ready to deal with any tire repairs and installation needed.The family has been involved in Tires and Rims repairs and sales for a decade, and the business continues to grow because of our dedication to service, integrity and excellent customer service.

Ameritech Tires Service is a full-service preventive maintenance and all tire related repairs and sell. We have an inventory of of good used and new tires, rims of all sizes and make guaranteed service you can trust at a fair price.

Need Help With Your Tires? We'sll fix it

We specialise in repairing all tires and rims. In fact, we're the largest new and used tires center in the DMV

Call: 301-254-9338